NPMPA Verification Process

NPMPA Verification Process

The goal of the National Pest Maintenance Professional Association is to protect consumers and businesses by providing a report card on each Pest Control Professional. Our reports allow consumers to become educated and empowers them with the ability to verify as much information as possible about the Pest Control Professional they are evaluating.

If you believe that the customer is always right, then come join us!

Thousands of consumers across our network use our research reports and read our reviews every single day.

We understand that our process may be a necessary inconvenience to your business, but we strongly believe that consumers deserve to be well informed. There are currently over 24114 businesses claiming to be a Pest Control Professional, many businesses do not meet even basic standards and do not deserve our recommendation. We believe that rewarding the best and exposing the rest helps the Pest Control Professional industry move forward. Wouldn’t you agree?

We research all new member applications with state and local governments as well as third party sites. This process takes some time and effort, but our team can approve most new members within 24 hours and if approved your NPMPA report will reflect verified status and we will start recommending you to our visitors.

Verified members are granted access to use of our Trusted seal which may be displayed on their website to show customers they are committed to customer safety and security and value their business.

Why Wait? Submitting your business information for verification only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Show Customers You Are A True Professional

Have Your Report Reflect Verified by NPMPA Status

Show your customers you care about their satisfaction and security by passing NPMPA standards


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find new clients

Thousands of Potential Clients Trust NPMPA to Find Their Next Pest Control Professional

A Few Benefits of Lifetime Certification

Lifetime Verification by the National Pest Maintenance Professional Association Includes:

Use of Our Trusted Seal on Your Business Website

Lifetime Customer Recommendations on NPMPA

Lifetime Access to Free Quote Requests at No Charge

Verified by NPMPA Report Status

Lifetime Information Update Requests

To help cover the cost of research, we are now charging a small one time application fee of $49.97 to research your company and verify your license and business information. If you do not pass verification, this charge will be refunded.

Charging a small fee helps eliminate bad submissions, in the past we absorbed the cost of research and offered free verification but we were flooded with applications from low quality businesses who try to benefit from our recommendations, but do not meet NPMPA standards.

We also found that businesses that are unable to afford a small fee are also unable to handle the increase in business that results from being recommended on our network, resulting in poor handling of the customers that were recommended.

Includes 30 Days Free of Our Preferred Partner Marketing and Reputation Protection Service

Our Preferred Partner Program Includes Many Additional Benefits:

Removal of Unverified Negative Reviews From Your Report Page

The Ability to Request a Negative Review Be Removed

Instant Access to More Free Quote Requests at No Charge

Unlimited Recommendations in The Green Recommended Member Box

A Monthly Report Showing The Locations Your Business Was Recommended to Customers

Preferred Marketing to Thousands of Local Customers To Keep Your Phones Ringing

Daily Recommendations to Customers Searching For a Pest Control Professional

The service also includes a free scan of your website with our industry leading security scanning software to scan your website for security issues and penetration vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of by hackers attempting to steal sensitive information.

If for any reason your business does not receive more phone calls and more customers from this service, simply cancel the Preferred Partner Marketing and Reputation Service and you will still maintain your lifetime certification for life with no additional monthly fees, ever.

If you feel the Preferred Partner Marketing and Reputation Protection Service is of value to your business, this optional service will automatically renew at only $14.97 per month.

Cancel The Preferred Partner Service at Any Time and Still Keep Your Lifetime Certification