NPMPA Certification is Free and Easy

NPMPA Certification is Free and Easy

By joining the National Pest Maintenance Professional Association you are showing your commitment to customer protection and the reputation of the Pest Control Professional industry.

Thousands of consumers trust our research reports and reviews when searching for their next Pest Control Professional and we recommend certified members to every visitor to our site.

Joining NPMPA is free and easy, we can approve most new members within 24 hours and your business report will reflect your certified status.

After certification you may proudly display our Trusted seal on your website to show customers that you are committed to their safety and security and value their business.

Continue reading below for the full list of NPMPA membership benefits, it only takes about 5 minutes to apply and our basic certification is FREE when you display any size of our trusted seal on your homepage.

Show Customers You Are A True Professional

Earn Certified by NPMPA Status

Show your customers you care about their satisfaction and security by passing NPMPA standards


not certified

find new clients

Thousands of Potential Clients Trust NPMPA to Find Their Next Pest Control Professional

In 5 Minutes We Could Be Recommending You!


Receive Unlimited Free Quote Requests

All of our memberships include unlimited free quote requests emailed to their inbox when a customer in their local marketing area fills out a free online quote request form

Professional Plans Receive Quote Requests Instantly

Free Members Receive Them With an 8 Hour Delay

If your business offers services statewide, you can upgrade to a Statewide Partner plan and instantly receive every free quote request submitted across your entire state

Proudly Display The NPMPA Trusted Site Seal

With almost a billion websites online it is hard for clients to know who they can trust

With the media reporting new internet scams and security breaches daily, having your business certified shows clients you are one of the good guys

As a Free, Professional or Statewide Partner member of NPMPA you may proudly display our Trusted seal on your website
to assure clients you are a trusted and certified Pest Control Professional

Reputation Protection Service

A recent survey by Zendesk concluded that 86 percent of consumers are influenced by negative online reviews.

Even a single negative customer review can drastically affect your business

Protect the reputation your business worked so hard to earn by blocking unverified negative reviews on your report page

Our Professional and Statewide Partner member plans include our reputation protection service which removes any pre-existing unverified negative reviews from your member report page and requires new negative reviews to be notarized before we publish them to prevent dishonest competitors from trying to sink your business and reputation by leaving fake reviews

Malware and Dark Web Security Scanning

Professional and Statewide Partner plans include our annual malware and dark web scanning service to help protect your customer's information from hackers and data thieves

Do you currently have security measures in place to monitor your website and assure your customer's information is not being stolen and sold on the dark web from an unknown virus or phishing attempt?

Did you know that you can be held legally responsible for not properly protecting this information?

Select Your Plan Below

Basic Certification Professional Statewide Partner Industry Partner
Monthly Price FREE
No Credit Card
$9.97 $99.97 $500
Joining NPMPA is easy, we can approve most new members within 24 hours and your business report will reflect your certified status
*Free members must display a small NPMPA trusted seal on their website homepage to keep certification active
NPMPA Certification
Business License Status Certification
Safety Score Rating
Use of Trusted Site Seal on Your Website
Reputation Protection and Unverified Negative Review Removal
"We Recommend This Member" Link To Your Website on Your Report Page
Recommended on Listings of Non-Certified and Free Members
No Recommendations For Other Members on Your Report Page
Receive Unlimited Local Free Quote Requests 8 Hour Delay Instantly Instantly
Receive Unlimited Statewide Free Quote Requests Instantly
Website and Customer Data Protection
Annual Malware Security Scan
Annual Dark Web Security Scan
Website Security Status Certification
Brand Exposure to 24209 NPMPA Members
Showcase a 250x250 image banner on our homepage as an industry partner
Showcase a 250x250 image banner on the bottom of our 24209 member's report pages