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Miller's Bug Busters

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This Company is NOT Certified
By The
National Pest Maintenance Professional Association

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Miller's Bug Busters


(304) 466-6372


Sandstone West Virginia 25985




DBA Miller's Bug Busters is Not Certified by NPMPA
Please contact your local and county government to obtain information about Miller's Bug Busters
Reviews found online may be available to help with your research as to the safety and security of the company and their services
They are not certified by the National Pest Maintenance Professional Association

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Pest Control Professional SAFETY SCORE: 2


Miller's Bug Busters has Not completed the requirements for certification from NPMPA
This business may not be a trusted provider, we recommend using a company that has met the requirements for certification by the National Pest Maintenance Professional Association. Miller's Bug Busters has not applied for certification so we are providing our default safety score of 2.



Not certified by NPMPA
We have not added the website to our security scans as they have not applied for certification. Please be careful when entering sensitive information on their website
If you feel your information has been compromised, please report the issue directly to the business at their company phone number (304) 466-6372

License Status Miller's

Miller's Bug Busters
Sandstone West Virginia

NPMPA has Not reviewed Miller's Bug Busters for local and county licenses as they have not applied for certification from the National Pest Maintenance Professional Association
As a Pest Control Professional most businesses are properly licensed, but please check with the city before doing business with a possibly unlicensed business.

The information contained in the report about Miller's Bug Busters may be inaccurate or outdated and no information contained in this report should be treated as fact as we are unable to verify information on a daily basis.

The company's last known address was
Sandstone West Virginia

We recommended that a licensed Pest Control Professional apply for certification from NPMPA to allow the information reported to be as accurate as possible.

Information provided about the background and services of this company are offered as a courtesy only and the information has not been verified.

National Pest Maintenance Professional Association assumes no liability for accuracy of this information. We urge you to verify this information when you contact Miller's Bug Busters.

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