Inspect Your Home Before Treating For Pests

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Inspect Your Home Before Treating For Pests

Getting rid of pests in your home can be challenging. Many pest control products can be used for pest removal, but not selecting the right one for your exact situation can create additional issues in your home. Most homeowners use what is known as the spray and pray method. They do not take the time to inspect their home and look for other solutions, they just hose down their house with toxins. 

Ant traps or bait stations are a good example of this method. If there are ants in the kitchen most people will purchase ant traps and think they are done. By using ant bait, they are giving them a toxic, yet very attractive food source. They do not stop and find the area where the ants are coming from and just figure the ants are in the kitchen. 

Since people rely on pest control products to do the work for them, they don't even consider doing an inspection. As a result, the fact that there is a colony of 10,000 ants living under their driveway is overlooked. Ant traps are placed in the kitchen and the ants come pouring in, never once taking the time to figure out where they came from in the first place. If the ant traps are placed in the kitchen it will attract more ants into this room. 


When this doesn’t work well,  the bug spray is usually brought out. This can be enough to redirect them away from the bait. Or in most cases, it is enough to contaminate the bait. Either way the ants stop coming into the kitchen. It doesn't mean you actually solved the problem. 

The exterior of the home is also treated with the bug spray. This will create a barrier around the home but the ants are still alive outside.

                             You need to take the time to inspect your home and find the root of the bug problem. You can spray for bugs outside but you need to think about why there are so many bugs on your property. For example, if you have a spider problem you need to look at the source. If you keep an outside light on at night this attracts flying bugs which are a food source for the spiders.

                             There are some things you can do to find the nest of these creatures to take care of the bug problem. 

 Try putting some sugar water outside or peanut butter for use as a pre-bait, then follow the trail back to the nest. That way you can get to the source, and treat it directly. On top of that it keeps the pesticides outside instead of in your home.  Mousetraps are another homeowner pest treatment that does not fix the problem. They may get rid of mice in the home but more mice will come. It is better to check the outside of the home and find where the mice are getting in.   This area can then be closed up and mice will no longer be able to get into the home.

Many people try to control pest but they are going about the problem backward. It is easier to find the source and fix it then take out the bug spray. An inspection of the home is the best way to control an infestation and solve the pest problem before it gets out of hand.

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